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Frequently Asked Question

Air and water quality are among the most important aspects of a healthy environment. Air and water are two basic needs of any living thing on the planet. Pollution will affect the ecosystem putting at risk the biodiversity. Just like in any home, the very basic need of each occupant is clean water and breathable air. For most urban and suburban areas, it is important to keep these maintained and checked regularly to ensure the quality and safety of every member of the family.

Make sure to remove dust and dirt through vacuuming and wet-mopping, especially in the morning. Check the vents and air conditioning to ensure the air quality. Check for moist places where molds tend to grow. Let the natural light in and open up windows in the morning to decrease the humidity inside the house.

Our homes are connected with our physical and mental well-being. A safe, clean, and hazard-free home, creates a sense of stability and security for every family member. If left unclean, it plays a huge factor contributing to diseases and accidents, especially to co-morbid members and children.