Leaking refrigerant is another issue that requires attention when it comes to HVAC repair needs. Refrigerant helps cool down air in your home but if there's a leak in the system then this could lead to an inefficient running or even a complete shutdown of the unit due to age, poor installation, or damage.

Clogged drains are another frequent problem that requires HVAC repair services. The drains help remove condensation from evaporator coils within the unit but if these become blocked with debris then water damage may occur as well as decreased efficiency.

Faulty wiring is yet another common reason for needing repairs on an HVAC unit. Over time, wires may become worn out due to improper installation, age, or wear and tear. This could lead not only to short circuits but also other electrical problems which could result in an inefficient running or complete shutdown of the unit.

Frozen coils are also a frequent cause for needing repairs on an HVAC unit. The evaporator coils within help cool down air inside a home but if these freeze up due to low refrigerant levels or other issues then this could lead to not only reduced efficiency but also complete shutdowns.

These are some of the most common causes for needing repairs on an HVAC unit. It's important that you address any issues quickly so as to ensure efficient running but also reliable performance over time.